Why Gabriel Jesus is a perfect fit for Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid


Recent reports have slid in and it seems like Real Madrid has found a new candidate to back Karim Benzema- Gabriel Jesus.

Real Madrid has already made two big mistakes in the form of Mariano Diaz and Luka Jovic to find a perfect candidate that can play the role of a backup striker. So, the club is very patient and will make the most of these three months to find the right player to fit the team.

It is pretty obvious that the player replacing both- Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz must accept the lack of minutes. The problem with both the existing players is that despite their acceptance of lack of role, they did not deliver when it was needed of them.

Of course, you can not ask a player with almost any play time to start a game out of the blue and deliver what is expected of a regular starter. It takes to settle in, dust off the rust, and provide some satisfactory results.

But when you play for a top club like Real Madrid, you are not given that opportunity. You can not perform poorly and expect the club to understand why you are not performing up to the mark. With that being said, Real Madrid is looking at candidates who can fit in their system well and can easily help the team move forward, score goals, and push the others to give their best.

Some suitable candidates have emerged, but Real Madrid will have to evaluate them very carefully. Some of the candidates are- Raul de Tomas (RDT), Gabriel Jesus, Borja Mayoral and Juamni Latasa.

Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus (Photo by Marc Atkins / Getty Images)

Gabriel Jesus is very suitable for Real Madrid

I know that Gabriel Jesus is not someone who gets regular game time. Pep Guardiola prefers to start Bernardo Silva as a false nine over him, or that he does not start for Brazil either. But yet I think Gabriel Jesus will be a good fit for Real Madrid.

With all the limited time he is getting right now, he would not mind the same thing happening to him at Real Madrid. Plus, he can hope for more play time and Real Madrid, and here’s why.

Gabriel Jesus possesses a lot of quality. Being highly versatile, the Brazilian can play at all the attacking positions- be it RW, an ST, or even LW if needed. He is an excellent dribbler, and his most attractive quality is his pressing.

Gabriel Jesus is nowhere close to how good Karim Benzema is, but when it comes to pressing, I think the Brazilian has an edge. He is much younger and presses very frequently. He combines well with the team and with his physical strength to hold off the ball, he can easily rule in the opposition’s box.

Real Madrid may face problems for Gabriel Jesus

Now coming to the most important part of the deal which will be the finances. Gabriel Jesus is reportedly asking for € 5 million which is pretty less compared to what Real Madrid is already paying to Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz.

After that, Real Madrid will have another problem to solve- the non-EU criteria. This is something that was the problem last year when Real Madrid wanted to give Takefusa Kubo a chance with the first team. The only thing Los Blancos can hope for is that Vinicius Junior’s Spanish passport arrives as soon as possible.

Now, in the end, all I would like to say is that Gabriel Jesus might not be the player of the future for Real Madrid, but he can be seen as a short team solution to back Karim Benzema, while youngsters like Juamni Latasa could be sent out on loan to develop their overall game than spend most of the time on the bench at Real Madrid.


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