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The delicate financial situation of the FC Barcelona follows concerning to all the world culé. The conjuto Barcelona plans to make a market of signings with several incorporations that reinforce the staff of Xavi Hernández and give back to the club to a competitive place so much to national level like continental. Nevertheless, the ‘drama’ economic by which happens the entity keeps them of ‘hands tied’ for the next window veraniega, situation that has exposed Joan Laporta in front of the Senate of the institutionto which has asked them the approval of the crowbars that sanearían the accounts of the Barça.

In the previous speech to the act that took place in the Auditorium 1899 of the Camp Nou, the president highlighted the importance of the approval of the economic measures by part of the partners of the club, which will be subjected to vote during the Assembly pautada for the next week. “Have an assembly on 16 June to achieve that they approve a series of measures to sanear the economic situation of the club. It is fundamental to reach the competitive level of the team“, signalled ‘Jan’.

Likewise, the maximum mandator of the Barça confessed in this regard of the situation of the club that found when it took the charge, on what affirmed that “when we arrive, find us in an economic situation very delicate. We could not pay the payrolls of this month. Also we had a sword of Damocles on us because we did not fulfill the credits and could demand us 200 million that did not have. We were practically died“.

Of equal form, spoke of the solutions that handled the club to solve the ‘drama’ financial. “We look for solutions restructuring the indebtedness controlling the cost, reducing mass salarial substantial, but no sufficiently, looking for sponsors … We happen to be almost died to the UCI. In any company the solution was the dissolution or change of hands, something that no sucederá. With me the partners will always be the owners. We wanted to avoid one spills or an increase of capital. We will not do it because the partners are not responsible of this situation. And to the descartarlo, go in the crowbars “, manifested.


The crowbars, keys

Laporta Continued explaining the plans that have the club with the crowbars and the impact that would have in the finances. “They are solutions that have to reflotar the situation of the club. Next Thursday we will ask them that they allow us to activate a series of mechanisms to enderezar the economic situation before the planned. We will be able to do the necessary investments in our teams so that they are more competitive. And if they approve them, we will happen of the UCI to plant will do the following cures and will be able to go out of the hospital“, aseveró.

In this sense, the president aimed that “there are two crowbars that are priorities. We need to give profits after three years of losses. We will put us in the hands of partners that will help us to grow and always with turn backwards because there will be options of repurchase “, for afterwards add that”we want to sanear the more quickly possible the situation of the club without putting the risk the future of the Barcelona. “They will not put in danger the account of results of the next years”.

The works of the Espai Barça begin in summer

On the other hand, ‘Jan’ exposed the leaf of route that handle for the Espai Barça and put him date of start to the works. “We work in parallel in the Spanish Barça. We can initiate the works in this summer. We will begin this project of reform of the stadium. The most innovative inside a European city. The war of Ukraine has affected to all the economic world. The next year there will be 100% of capacity and with the income that correspond. The 23/24 will go to Montjuïc. And it will finish the 25/26. Already we have the initial finance. Now we look for the best finance of these 1,500 millions that approved the partners. This will pay when they have finalized the work “, ensured.

Finally, Laporta manifested his wish for the institution and asked the approval of the crowbars. “We want a strong Barça that can compete with clubs states or others whose owners are millionaire that inject money that does not proceed of the football. The Barça is strong after a year, can ensure them that the entity is alive. The Barça has an enormous strength to attract money and like this keep our model of gobernanza. “If they allow us to activate these two crowbars will give us the economic tranquility”, concluded.


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