The Barça suffers and wins on the hour in front of a Villarreal combat (1-2)


The FC Barcelona saldó with victory his visit to The Ceramics, after living a party in which it remained the feeling that, although it notices the work of Xavi Hernández and the ‘green shoots’, still remains a lot so that the team was reliable and, especially, can compete. The Barça is one when it has the balloon and the rival is uncomfortable, but another very different in front of the pressure of the contrary. And this is something that does not fix overnight. It was not a secret that the Villarreal, although it arrived with a lot of doubts, is a team that always is used to to complicate to his rivals and this has not been the exception.

For the occasion, Xavi Hernández bet for repeating the system of three head offices, in addition to a novelty: the titularity of Ez Abde. The Barcelona tried to follow the plan of ‘always’ since it arrived the egarense: pressure high and look for drown to the rival after the loss, but has been a party and staged very distinct to what the culés had shown in front of the Espanyol and Benfica.

The opportunities did not be missing in the first minutes, with a Barça that went out to dominate in the field, but that ‘desinfló’ when the rival began to propose and to answer to the pressure. Abde Was the first in warning with a finish of head after a shot of corner. Rulli Put a big hand for ‘save’ to his and the balloon finished in the crossbar, in the anteroom of which was the controversy of the party: Eric García failed in a pass backwards, Danjuma hunted the ball but blocked it Hammered practically with the hand. The referee neither the VAR signalled at all.

From there, the Barça did with the spherical and the occasions were arriving quickly, but were very ‘fallones’, as they accustom … Memphis Signed a very clear: it left, it looked for the gap and finished, went by little. A minute afterwards, Gavi sent a shot crossed that hit in the far stick and ten minutes arrived a goal ‘sung’ that Memphis failed. Frenkie Of Jong sent a big pass to the gap to leave only to his compatriotthe one who finished at first very bad, without taking goal.

The failures caused that the Barça went to rack and ruin and the Villarreal grew in his field, something that seemed ‘impossible’ in front of the command of the culés … And there was party of occasions. Trigueros Warned from inside the area and stuck it, but covered his shot. Yéremy Pino also had his chance with a finish of head that lost by on of the stick by little, an occasion resembled the one who had afterwards Pau Torres. After a corner, finished only above the crossbar. Ter Stegen Had an intervention ‘milagrosa’ in the 39 ‘, diverting with the breast the finish point-blank of Danjuma.

The Villarreal was comfortable and the Barça playing in his field. The command of the ones of Unai Emery was being more than clear, whereas the Barcelona were a course underneath and with more doubts that certainties. Nico and Gavi were not disappeared and the lagoons in the defense were, as little, worrisome. Eric García was being a true headache for his own Barça and the team, in general, was leaving a dramatic image in the first part.


The Barça suffered of more in the second part

The second part initiated with a lot of intensity and, fortunately, with goal for the Barça. Jordi Alba sent a center kick that touched it between Rulli and Memphis. The rebound hunted it Frenkie of Jong in the second stick, so that the Dutch defined to pleasure. The so much was, in principle, cancelled by a possible offside, but the VAR finished awarding the goal that opened the marker and gave ‘tranquility’ to a Barça that before was very nervous.

The Barcelona picture went back to insist of face to the area of ​​the ‘groguets’ after a big driving of Frenkie of Jong, that happened afterwards to the gap to Memphis. The Dutch the enchufó, rasa, but Rulli signed a miracle to take out it with the right foot. The ones of Unai Emery tried to react with a shot of Moi Gómez that finish with a pass to Danjuma. In the back corner, Albiol asked a penalty by an agarrón of Eric García, but Soto Degree did not see at all. The ones of Emery had more presence in the rival area, first with a combination of the Villarreal that finish with a finish of Trigueros and shortly after, a played ‘lethal’.

In the 77 ‘, the’ groguets’ took advantage of to steal after a kickoff of band of the culés. Trigueros And Danjuma anticipated to the defenders of the Barça and the balloon arrived to the boots of Chukwueze that, with the tip of the boot, finished adjusting the spherical to the stick for ‘punish’ to the ones of Xavi Hernández. The Villarreal became very upper and the difference was abrumante. The culés suffered more than the account and the result was a reflection of this.

Key victory on the hour

When the Barça less deserved it, arrived the goals ‘unexpected’. Memphis Took advantage of a bad cession backwards of Estupiñán in the areadid with the spherical, dribbled to Rulli in his exit and marked to pleasure. The Dutch did what always has asked him to add his eighth goal in the season of LaLiga, but the history did not end there. On the hour, literally, Soto Degree took a penalty after Foyth demolished to Coutinho in the area. The Brazilian confronted face to face to Rulli, the one who guessed his launching, but the shot was very powerful to put the 1-3 definite.

It has been a victory worked and that in moments saw impossible, but necessary. The Barça great three new points that allow him recortar, of provisional way, distances with the leadership. For the moment, they add 23 units and this time have shown that it can suffer and also win. There is a lot for improving … But the results are important.

Technical index card of the party: Villarreal 1-3 FC Barcelona

  • Villarreal: Rulli; Foyth, Albiol, Pau Torres, Pedraza (min. 65, Estupiñán); Trigueros, Capoue, Parejo; Moi Gómez, Yeremy Pino (min. 65, Chukwueze) and Danjuma.
  • FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Araujo, Hammered, Eric; Busquets, Of Jong, Nico (min. 80, Nico), Gavi; Ez Abde (min. 66, Dembélé), Memphis and Jordi Alba (min. 71, Mingueza).
  • Referee: Soto Degree.
  • Incidences: corresponding Party to the fifteenth day of LaLiga Santander 2021-2022.
  • Goals of the party: 0-1, Frenkie of Jong (min. 50); 1-1, Chukwueze (min. 77); 1-2, Memphis Depay (min. 88); 1-3, Cutinho (min. 90 + 4).

News stood out of the Villarreal-FC Barcelona


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