Some clubs are satisfied with winning, however they do it


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The Barcelona midfielder spoke to The Guardian on Sunday

He spoke about his role in the Barça team and the club’s DNA

Barcelona closed a second trophy-less season in three years while their rival, Real Madrid, won three trophies: LaLiga, the Champions League and the Spanish Supercopa.

Los Blancos won despite their style of football leaving many doubts, especially in Europe as they knocked out PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool in progressively more miraculous ways, the final included.

That comparison could put into doubt the style which Xavi Hernandez considers undebatable at Barcelona, ​​but Pedri has no doubrs: Barça cannot renounce their DNA, which he identified with especially.


“Some clubs are satisfied with winning, however they do it,” he told The Guardian. “Barcelona wants to win but to do it playing the ball, creating chances, with this idea. I like this football more.”

So much is that the case that the midfielder feels that “” I would try to play my game wherever I was, but it is true that I would suffer more elsewhere. ”

The new Barça star explained that at Camp Nou “you do not have time to think but it is trusting your ability, and you can tell when you do not have that. It’s brave, too, to be physically strong, to take those risks; that’s not easy either.

“But it’s a different type of bravery. In the middle of the pitch, when the game’s at its worst, you have to have the confidence to ask for the ball and the trust to keep it.”

Pedri laments that football has become more physical: “Recently, I think there’s been a turn towards the player who runs more than the player who is technical, who understands the game.

“Football is becoming more robotic but there are still those who break that rule. I still play to enjoy myself. I always do and that’s the best thing a footballer can do. If you’re enjoying it, you’re going to play much better. & rdquor;



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