Season ticket holders may now apply to pay for tickets in installments

As of this Thursday, September 15, season ticket holders who want to benefit from the option of payment in installments for the Spotify Camp Nou, Palau Blaugrana hrs parking lot in the 2022/23 season may request this new service that the club is now able to offer after having reached an agreement with a collaborating financial institution.

Collection of season ticket payments for the 2022/23 season was initially scheduled for July 14, but the Board of Directors agreed to postpone it due to the current economic climate. Thus, season ticket holders are being offered the possibility of paying for their tickets over 3, 4, 6 or 9 months. It should be noted that some families have more than one ticket to pay for and so a single payment represents a significant expense at the moment, due to the major increase in the CPIwhich has also had an impact on the cost of this season’s tickets.

Anyone who prefers to pay in a single installment, as some members have already been doing since last August 16, or those who wish to take advantage of the installments option, should go to the online procedures section of the club website. October 10 is the deadline for choosing one method or another. If payment has not been made by this deadline without opting for the installments option, FC Barcelona will charge the entire amount, through direct debit, as has been done habitually.

How to apply to pay in installments

Season ticket holders who want to pay in installments can do so using a form on the FC Barcelona website, in the Members/Online Procedures section. Once the form has been filled out, the club will send a confirmation email and the collaborating financial institution will contact you to continue with the process.

Because of legal regulations, only people of legal age, who have a DNI or NIE and reside in Spain can make the request.


Payment will be made by bank card and can be in with terms of 3, 4, 6 or 9 months. The three-month method is interest-free, and from 4 installments, the expenses will be distributed proportionally in each installment.

To assist with the process, requests for different season tickets (Spotify Camp Nou, Parking, Basketball or Palau) may be grouped, provided that the total amount is between €60 and €2,500. If the price of each of your tickets is within that range, you can also choose a different option for each type of ticket.

Payment of fees will be made by bank card (Visa hrs MasterCard). The payer must have online payments enabled, and the first payment will be made at the time of acceptance. The card must not have an expiry date earlier than when the term ends.

The payer may be different from the member who owns the season ticket, in which case, the member must indicate the e-mail address of the paying person, and this person must accept the request.

In the event that the holder of the season ticket is a minor, the legal guardian, father or mother of the same must accept the financing conditions, as well as the transfer of the data to the financial institution.

To learn more about the options offered by the service, as well as detailed information on the requirements, the conditions for its use and the expenses, please see the following link.

Statement by Elena Fort, Vice President of the Institutional Area: “We have been working on finding formulas to help members, because we understand that they are typically from family environments and we are dealing with a delicate economic context. We have proposed a very basic formula, with three payment terms, without expenses for the member, paying the full price of the season ticket, or with 4, 6 or 9 months, which will entail management costs. The member must inform the club before October 10 which method of payment he or she has chosen, and if he or she has not paid or has not told us that they would like to pay in installments, they will be charged by FC Barcelona as has been traditionally done.”