Real Madrid’s No.9: All the options that the club are looking at


Unhurried, but without delay. The debate over the possible signing of a striker for Real Madrid has ceased to be a priority, but that does not mean that the door is completely closed.

Let’s not forget that the market has not yet officially reopened. However, what the club do know for sure is that they are not going to sign for the sake of signing if there is nothing that meets their expectations.

Kylian Mbappe influenced everything, especially the possible arrival of Haaland, something that was impossible with the Frenchman still to define his future. The Norwegian was the man, but the gamble on the Frenchman put the brakes on everything.

Are there no strikers on the market who could act as Benzema‘s understudy? Of course there are, but Real Madrid are not willing to launch an investment if that option does not convince, something that is happening after analyzing the situation and the different conditions that exist.

The first and the one that is raising the difficulty is the issue of the non-EU spots, something that does not seem to have a solution until 2023.

The option of Gabriel Jesus, Ancelotti’s preferred player, has collapsed for this reason. The same goes for Darwin Nunezwho is close to signing for Liverpool.

The same goes for the young talents who have appeared in Brazil and Argentina in recent months. That door is closed for the moment.

The key is to wait

The option that is gaining momentum and the one that prevails today is to wait. The idea is to start the pre-season and to keep an eye on the market and even contemplate a loan or a short term deal.

That possible new signing should be a counterpart for Benzema, never an alternative, as at the moment they do not see that player anywhere, except for the Norwegian recently signed by City.

From the Frenchman, Real Madrid‘s new captain, the Madrid directors expect two more years at the highest level, but it is also clear that it will not be easy to maintain both the physical and technical level shown this season and even more so with the World Cup being played in the middle of the campaign.

For the moment, Real Madrid’s directors have stopped any movement on Juanmi Latasa. Rayo looked like it could have been the destination for the player still playing for Castilla, but everything has been put on hold.


The academy player had even received proposals from a foreign club, but the chances of him becoming a first team player are growing as the days pass. With a contract until 2024, the move would also be accompanied by a new contract.

Borja Mayoral returns after finishing his time between Roma and Getafe, but there is every indication that he will once again feature in some kind of transaction. The team chaired by Angel Torres is one of the interested parties.

There have been several pre-seasons in which the striker has started them without having a clear destination and both club and player are trying to solve everything before the start of the new season. The dream of returning to the first team is still there, but it seems more difficult.

Jovic and Mariano are listening to proposals and are looking for a new destination. Benzema, Rodrygo, Vinicius, Hazard and Asensio (future to be decided) are the other strikers or at least the ones Ancelotti is counting on, who as he has said: “We will invent something”, such as playing with two strikers and giving more width to the midfield.

The World Cup will be a determining factor

The World Cup to be held in the middle of autumn opens up new expectations in the market. Club activity will stop in the second week of November and will not return until Christmas, which practically coincides with the opening of the winter transfer window.

This means that a blunder or an absence at the start of the season will have less of an impact as the number of matches will be reduced.

The World Cup always brings appearances by players who are unknown to the general public, but not to the sporting directors, who use the World Cup as an argument for what they write in their reports.

Even at the end of the Qatar event, the problem of non-EU registration could have been solved, which would open the field of possible signings.

In Real Madrid‘s future there is a name that flies over the horizon and that is none other than Endrick. The Brazilian, who already has a professional contract with Palmeiras, must wait two years before he can make the leap to Europe.

His game continues to grow and Real Madrid are keeping an eye on him. At least Haaland‘s presence at City helps, as his agent and family were clear that the Norwegian was closing the door on the purchase of further young talent.



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