Premier League: Championship Sunday schedule, start times, title, top four and relegation scenarios


After a congested, hectic and unforgiving schedule, it all comes down to this – Championship Sunday in the Premier League. All 20 teams will be in action as 10 games kickoff at the same time with so much still to be decided. The title will be won by either Manchester City or Liverpool, European places are at stake and still one more team will be relegated from the top flight as Leeds, Everton and Burnley aim for safety.

Ahead of what will certainly be a wild Sunday, here’s everything to know:

Premier League schedule and how to watch

All matches start at 11 am ET
Arsenal vs. Everton,
Brentford vs. Leeds
Brighton vs. West Ham
Burnley Vs. Newcastle
Chelsea vs. Watford
Crystal Palace vs. Man United
Leicester City vs. Southampton
Liverpool vs. Wolves
Man City Vs. Aston Villa
Norwich Vs. Tottenham

Note: The TV listings have yet to be announced as of Wednesday.

Premier League title race standings and scenarios

It’s a two-horse race for the title, as it has been since the league kicked off in August. Manchester City have been the favorite all along with their incredible attack and are now on the brink of winning back-to-back league crowns. They enter the final day with a one-point advantage, and even if they finished tied on points with Liverpool, the title would still be theirs in all likelihood thanks to goal differential.

1. Manchester City, 90 points (+72 GD)
2. Liverpool, 89 points (+66 GD)

Manchester City win the league with …


  • Draw vs. Villa and Liverpool draw vs. Wolves


  • Liverpool loss vs. Wolves

Liverpool win the league with …

  • Win vs. Wolves and Man City draws or loses vs. Aston Villa


  • Draw vs. Wolves and Man City loses vs. Aston Villa with Liverpool overcoming goal differential advantage

Top four

Chelsea have punched their ticket to the UEFA Champions League, so now it is all about who is going to finish in fourth. It’s down to two rivals in Tottenham and Arsenal, with Spurs having crushed the Gunners 3-0 last week to jump them in the table. Arsenal are coming off a loss at Newcastle that now sees them need help to qualify for the Champions League.

3. Chelsea, 70 points (+42 GD)
4. Tottenham, 68 points (+24 GD)
5. Arsenal, 66 points (+9 GD)

Tottenham will qualify for UCL with …


  • A draw against Norwich, as long as Arsenal do not win and overcome the -15 goal differential


  • An Arsenal draw or loss

So, a draw for Spurs will almost certainly be enough.


Arsenal will qualify for UCL with …

  • A win over Everton and a Tottenham loss


  • A win over Everton, a Tottenham draw and the Gunners making up the -15 goal differential

Europa League and Conference League

This race is a bit clearer as Arsenal and Manchester United appear headed to UEL. There is a slight chance that West Ham could sneak back into the Europa League though. Here’s how it looks.

5. Arsenal, 66 points (+9 GD)
6. Manchester United, 58 points (+1 GD)
7. West Ham, 56 points (+11 GD)

Arsenal will qualify for Europa League with …

  • A draw or loss against Everton


  • A win against Everton combined with a Tottenham win


  • A win against Everton, a draw for Tottenham, and the Gunners failing to make up the -15 goal differential

Manchester United will qualify for Europa League with …

  • A win against Crystal Palace


  • If West Ham fail to beat Brighton

West Ham will qualify for Europa League with …

  • A win combined with a United draw or loss

Relegation battle

Three teams are competing for two spots in the Premier League, as one of Everton, Leeds and Burnley will go down to the second division. Everton are in the most envious spot sitting two points clear, but things can change in an instance. Both Burnley and Everton have one extra game to play, with Burnley facing Aston Villa on Thursday, while Everton play Crystal Palace the same day. The specific scenarios to survive relegation on Championship Sunday will depend on what takes place on Thursday. But, we do know that just one win for Everton in their last two games will be enough. Burnley are going to need at least one more point to have a chance.

16. Everton, 36 points (-20 GD)
17. Leeds, 35 points (-38 GD)
18. Burnley, 34 points (-18 GD)
19. Watford, 23 points (Relegated)
20. Norwich, 22 points (Relegated)


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