Norwich City: The faces behind City’s prospective investment


6:00 AM May 28, 2022

Our photographer, Paul Chesterton, captured this exclusive picture of US sports tycoon, Mark Attanasio, and a delegation of family members and key players in the Milwaukee Brewers’ baseball operation.

Here is the lowdown on the party who met Norwich City officials last weekend, that included a trip to Carrow Road to watch the Premier League finale against Tottenham.

1. Mark Attanasio – Chairman and Principle Owner

Worth a reported $ 700million, Attanasio is seen as the figurehead of the group looking to invest in the Canaries.

64-year-old Attanasio was born in the Bronx and has owned the Milwaukee Brewers since purchasing the club for a reported $ 223million in 2004.

As well as owning the Brewers, he is also the co-founder of the Crescent Capital Group, which he started alongside American businessmen Robert Beyer and Jean-Marc Chapus. The latest estimation of the value of their assets is reportedly worth around $ 25billion.

He has two sons, Mike and Dan, who attended Carrow Road with him for the Spurs game and is considered one of baseball’s most involved owners, sitting on five committees including the labor policy committee.

He also part owns the Milwaukee Admirals, a Wisconsin ice hockey team, with other staff members at his baseball team.

2 & 4. Mike and Dan Attanasio – Sons of Mark Attanasio

The two sons of Mark, Mike and Dan traveled to Norfolk with their dad for the Tottenham game, where Mike wore a scarf from the City club shop.

Dan is the elder of the two and was the bassist for California band Pan Am when he was younger, as well as working in film production.

Mike is more involved with the family business, having joined the Brewers as director of business strategy in 2017.

The duo sang the American national anthem together in front of a Brewers’ crowd in 2015 following the passing of grandfather, Joe, who had performed that ritual for a decade prior to baseball games.

3. Richard Ressler – Advisory board member

A former investment banker and attorney, Ressler is the second-richest of the group, although he trails Attanasio significantly with an estimated net worth of around $ 105million.

Ressler and Attanasio go way back, having lived in the same Brown University college dorm in their youth. The latter introduced the former to his now wife, and their personal connection has developed into a professional one.


Ressler is on the advisory board for the Brewers and is a co-founder and principle of CIM group, having been in real estate, infrastructure and lending for 30 years.

He is also the founder and president of Orchard Capital Corp. and has a long-standing relationship with Attanasio’s sons due to his early connections with the Brewers owner.

5. David Stearns – President of Baseball Operations Milwaukee Brewers

The 37-year-old has been the Brewers’ general manager since his appointment in 2015.

Under Stearns the Brewers have earned four consecutive post-season berths, the first time in franchise history, including winning 95 games and claiming the National League Central Division title in 2021.

Harvard University graduate Stearns is a New York City native and married to Witney, with children Nora and Austin.

A bachelor’s degree in political science led him eventually to become assistant general manager with the Houston Astros, where he was part of the management team focusing on all areas of baseball operations, including analytics, administration, player development and scouting.

6. Dan Fumai – Chief Financial Officer

Took up his post in February 2018, after previously working in finance for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Attended business school and university in Boston. Prior to joining the Brewers was a controller at the San Diego Padres.

“He’s not someone who spends all day just working through spreadsheets and staring at numbers,” said Rick Schlesinger, upon his appointment. “We needed someone for this position who would be effective in communicating and collaborating with others.”

Originally a native of New York City, Fumai is known for his sense of humor within the organization.

7. Rick Schlesinger – President of Business Operations Milwaukee Brewers

Has completed two decades of service at the Brewers, with more than three years in his current role.

Schlesinger oversees the organization’s business operations, including finance, human resources, information technology, legal, sponsorships, marketing, ticketing, business analytics, broadcasting, communications, stadium operations and special events.

More than 2.5million fans have passed through the gates of the Brewers’ ‘American Family Field’ home in 12 of the past 13 seasons. Schlesinger also led the move to name the stadium after an insurance company, in a rights partnership.

A Wisconsin native who is married to Kate and has five children.


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