Keane, Vieira & Neville rewatched Arsenal vs Man Utd tunnel incident


What happened in the tunnel at Highbury Stadium way back in 2005 remains one of the Premier League’s most unforgettable moments.

Prior to a high-profile encounter between bitter rivals Arsenal and Manchester UnitedPatrick Vieira and Roy Keane were involved in a seismic clash.

The two midfield generals had to be calmed down by referee Graham Poll, with Keane famously saying to his arch nemesis: “Let’s see you out there then!”

It transpired that Vieira had attempted to intimidate Gary Neville before the top-of-the-table battle in north London, which Keane was unsurprisingly livid about.

And last summer, the trio involved in the tunnel clash were made to relive it while they were sat together in the ITV studio.

In the build-up to a Euro 2020 group stage clash between Italy and Switzerland, the three Premier League legends were asked to give their side of the story.

It was really fascinating to watch…

Video: Keane, Vieira & Neville relive tunnel incident

Mark Pougatch asked Vieira what started the fracas, to which the former Arsenal captain replied: “I think it all started with Roy losing his temper.”

Vieira then took aim at Neville, calling the former right-back out for his ‘intimidating’ playing style.

“At that time, I was getting really frustrated at the number of challenges and fouls he was giving to our players,” the Crystal Palace manager added. “As a captain and a leader, I wanted to put him under pressure a little bit.”

Keane, Vieira & Neville in the ITV studio

That’s why Vieira opted to turn the tables on Neville and intimidate him before kick-off.

“He was chasing me up the tunnel, screaming at me!” Neville said in the ITV studio.

Keane then chimed in: “I was trying to mind my own business. But Patrick wouldn’t let it go – typical Arsenal bully. Then he started again in the tunnel just before the match and that’s where I got a bit irritated. ”

Relive the famous incident here…

That rivalry between Arsenal and United in the early 2000s really was something special, wasn’t it? There’s nothing remotely close to it in modern day English football.

In a 2018 documentary, referee Poll and several of the players who took part in the game opened up about the events that took place in the cramped Highbury tunnel.

Transcript from 2018 documentary on tunnel incident

Roy Keane's clash with Patrick Vieira

Graham Poll: “I walked past the old Highbury ground, I passed the away dressing room on the right, and Fergie was standing outside. And he just said to me: ‘Good luck,’ and you just think ‘oh no.’ “

Paul Scholes: “Vieira said something to Gary Neville in the warm-up, which was really crazy. You know, a warm-up, who’s even thinking about talking to another player? ”

Phil Neville: “Gary came to the dressing room and told everyone and I did not know that Roy Keane was actually listening. Roy was doing his boots and having his drink.

“And Gary, being Gary, was saying: ‘Vieira said this, Vieira said that, he said he’s going to do this to me, he said he’s going to do that to me!'”

Poll: “I’d just reminded Vieira that the last time we’d been together with Roy Keane the previous season, we’d made Roy laugh in the tunnel. So, I said: ‘let’s see if we can do that again tonight.’

“And he just went: ‘Not tonight, Graham.'”

Scholes: “Roy felt that Patrick was trying to bully him. I do not think any of us could be bullied. “

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