Highlights and goals: Celta 1-1 Levante in LaLiga 2021-22 | 02/21/2022

5:55 PM 3 months ago

90 + 5 ‘End of the match

The match ends at Balaídos. Draw between Celta and Levante 1-1. In the midst of everything, it is a good result for the granotes, who aim to continue adding any possible points to get out of the relegation zone.

5:50 PM 3 months ago

90 + 2 ‘Yellow card

Jorge de Frutos was cautioned for Levante.

5:49 PM 3 months ago

90 + 5 ‘Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.

5:48 PM3 months ago

90 ‘Yellow card

Iago Aspas was cautioned for Celta.

5:48 PM3 months ago

87 ‘Yellow card

Roger Martí was cautioned for Levante.

5:47 PM 3 months ago


Orbelín Pineda received a pass from Thiago Galhardo, shot across the face of goal and Dani Cárdenas saved with his left foot.

5:45 PM 3 months ago

86 ‘Celta substitution

Thiago Galhardo replaces Santi Mina.

5:44 PM 3 months ago

85 ‘Levante substitution

Carlos Clerc replaces Francisco Hidalgo.

5:40 PM3 months ago

82 ‘GOOOAAAL – Celta!

ROGER MARTÍ! The other captain of the team! He received the ball in the box after a low cross from Alejandro Cantero and he turned the ball around and scored with his left foot, tying the game!

5:35 PM 3 months ago

77 ‘Celta substitution

Renato Tapia replaces Franco Cervi.

5:33 PM3 months ago

75 ‘Double change for Levante

Alejandro Cantero and Mickaël Malsa replace Martín Cáceres and Gonzalo Melero.

5:27 PM 3 months ago

67 ‘GOOOAAAL – For Celta!

FRANCO CERVI! Great goal from the midfielder after a phenomenal cross from Javi Galán from the left. Celta wins it!

5:25 PM 3 months ago

67 ‘Levante had it!

Jorge de Frutos entered the area and put the ball in the center for Roger Martí, who shot, but the ball went wide of the right post.

5:19 PM 3 months ago

62 ‘Double change for Celta

Carlos Domínguez and Orbelín Pineda come on in place of Denis Suárez and Néstor Araujo.

5:19 PM 3 months ago

62 ‘Double change for Levante

Roger Martí and Carlos Domínguez replace Dani Gómez and Morales.

5:17 PM 3 months ago


Hugo Mallo approached the area from the right, crossed low and Iago Aspas could not hit it with his heel in front of goal.

5:15 PM 3 months ago

57 ‘Yellow card

Franco Cervi was cautioned for Celta.

5:13 PM 3 months ago

55 ‘Yellow card

Dani Cárdenas was cautioned for Levante.

5:10 PM 3 months ago

51 ‘Levante had it!

Cross from the left from the corner kick, carscar Duarte rose to head and the ball went just wide of the left post.

5:08 PM 3 months ago

50 ‘Levante came closer

Son broke down the left, received the ball, entered the box and shot at the near post, but Matías Dituro got his hands to send it into the far corner.

5:03 PM3 months ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match gets underway. There were no changes in the teams.

4:48 PM 3 months ago

45 + 1 ‘End of first half

The first half ends in Balaídos with a pale 0-0 on the scoreboard.

4:47 PM 3 months ago

45 ‘Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.

4:47 PM 3 months ago

45 ‘Yellow card

Néstor Araujo was cautioned for Celta.

4:42 PM 3 months ago

40 ‘Yellow card

Martín Cáceres was cautioned for Levante.

4:36 PM 3 months ago

35 ‘Final stretch of the first half

The course of the match, boring by the way, continues.

4:32 PM3 months ago

31 ‘Celta tries

Gonzalo Melero’s shot went harmlessly wide.

4:31 PM 3 months ago

30 ‘Half hour of match

Up to this point it has been an unattractive match. There have been few scoring options.

4:26 PM 3 months ago

25 ‘Yellow card

Gonzalo Melero was cautioned.

4:21 PM 3 months ago

20 ‘The tie is maintained

The match is still goalless. The teams are trying to play a back-and-forth game, but they lack a better solution after passing the midfield.

4:16 PM 3 months ago

15 ‘First quarter of the game

So far it is a very even match. Each team is looking for the goal with direct play looking for their forwards with long deliveries.

4:12 PM 3 months ago

11 ‘Celta came closer

Fran Beltrán’s shot fell into the hands of Dani Cárdenas.

4:05 PM 3 months ago


Celta lost the ball almost in the middle of the pitch, Morales broke away and in the area made the pass to Dani Gómez, who sent the ball out with an empty goal.

4:01 PM 3 months ago

Match starts!

The game starts in Balaídos. Celta and Levante are already facing each other.

3:58 PM 3 months ago

Teams on the field

Celta and Levante players take the field at Balaídos.

3:41 PM 3 months ago

Substitutes – Levante

3:41 PM 3 months ago

Starting XI – Levante

3:41 PM 3 months ago

Substitutes – Celta

3:41 PM 3 months ago

Starting XI – Celta

3:30 PM 3 months ago

Everything ready in Balaídos

3:25 PM 3 months ago

Last five matches – Levante

3:20 PM 3 months ago

Last Five matches – Celta

3:15 PM 3 months ago

Welcome back!

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Celta and Levante of the 25th round of LaLiga.

3:10 AM 3 months ago

Tune in here Celta vs Levante Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Celta vs Levante live match, as well as the latest information from the Abanca-Balaídos Stadium. Do not miss a single detail of the live match updates and commentary from VAVEL’s coverage.

3:05 PM 3 months ago

What time is Celta vs Levante match for LaLiga?

3:00 PM 3 months ago

Key player – Levante

In Levante, the presence of Jose Luis Morales stands out. The 30-year-old Spanish player is the latest top scorer in the current edition of LaLiga with six goals.

2:55 PM 3 months ago

Key player – Celta

In Celta, the presence of Iago Aspas stands out. The 34-year-old Spanish player is the most top scorer in the current edition of LaLiga with 11 goals. In addition, he has made three assists.

2:50 PM 3 months ago

Celta vs Levante history

2:35 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at Balaídos Stadium

2:30 PM 3 months ago

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