Highlights and Goals: Cadiz 1-1 Real Madrid 2021-22 | 05/15/2022

3:33 PM3 days ago

90 + 6 ‘End of the match

The match ends at the Nuevo Mirandilla. Cadiz draw 1-1 with Real Madrid amidst controversy in the last play for a possible penalty by Carvajal, but it seems that it will not be reviewed.

3:26 PM 3 days ago

90 + 1 ‘Ledesma saves

Dani Ceballos’ shot was well saved by Ledesma.

3:24 PM3 days ago

90 ‘Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the match.

3:22 PM3 days ago

88 ‘Yellow card

Luis Hernández was cautioned for Cádiz.

3:19 PM3 days ago

86 ‘Yellow card

Rubén Alcaraz was cautioned for Cádiz.

3:18 PM3 days ago

84 ‘Yellow card

Isaac Carcelén was cautioned for Cádiz.

3:17 PM3 days ago

82 ‘Real Madrid substitution

Juanmi Latasa replaces Mariano Díaz.

3:14 PM3 days ago

81 ‘Yellow card

Varlvaro Negredo was cautioned for Cádiz.

3:11 PM3 days ago

76 ‘Cádiz substitution

Isaac Carcelén replaces Carlos Akapo.

3:07 PM3 days ago

74 ‘Yellow card

Eden Hazard was cautioned for Real Madrid.

3:07 PM3 days ago

73 ‘Cádiz substitution

Jose María Martín-Bejarano replaces Álex Fernández.

3:02 PM3 days ago


Varlvaro Negredo had a chance in the area. His shot was saved again by Lunin.

3:01 PM3 days ago

64 ‘Three changes for Real Madrid

Dani Ceballos, Eden Hazard and Dani Carvajal replace Rodrygo, Jesús Vallejo and Federico Valverde.

2:58 PM3 days ago

62 ‘Real Madrid came closer

Asensio’s shot was blocked by Ledesma down low.

2:56 PM3 days ago


Varlvaro Negredo crossed to the left post and the goalkeeper stretched to reach with his left hand to prevent Cádiz’s comeback.

2:55 PM3 days ago

60 ‘Penalty for Cádiz

Eder Militão failed in an individual duel and Andriy Lunin ended up bringing down varlvaro Negredo in the area.

2:49 PM3 days ago

55 ‘First minutes of the second half

The second half started very tangled. No dominator so far.

2:40 PM3 days ago

47 ‘Yellow card

Nacho was cautioned for Real Madrid.

2:38 PM3 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts with the beginning of the second half. There were no changes in the teams.

2:20 PM3 days ago

45 + 3 ‘Halftime

Finalize the first time in Nuevo Mirandilla. Empate 1-1 between Cádiz and Real Madrid.

2:16 PM3 days ago

45 ‘Additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the first half.

2:14 PM3 days ago

42 ‘Yellow card

Rubén Sobrino was cautioned for Cádiz.

2:10 PM3 days ago

37 ‘GOOOOOAL for Cádiz

RUBEN SOBRINO! The midfielder shot from outside the area, the ball deflected off Eder Militão and ended up going in after hitting the horizontal.

2:08 PM3 days ago


The Ukrainian goalkeeper prevents Cádiz from equalizing after Idrissi’s shot.

2:04 PM3 days ago

30 ‘Half an hour into the match

There was a moment for the teams to hydrate. The match restarts.

2:02 PM3 days ago

25 ‘Boring game

Real Madrid’s goal has given them the opportunity to play with more tranquility and Cadiz has not been able to generate more arrivals.

2:01 PM3 days ago

20 ‘The score remains 1-0

Real Madrid continues to win and Cadiz can not find a way to breach the goal defended by Lunin.

1:46 PM 3 days ago

13 ‘Nacho saves

Cádiz had a chance with a good play by varlvaro Negredo, who threw the cross looking for Lucas Pérez, but the Real Madrid defender crossed perfectly to prevent it from reaching.

1:44 PM3 days ago

12 ‘Real Madrid had it!

A counterattack from the right ended with a low shot by Marco Asensio that was well saved by goalkeeper Ledesma.

1:43 PM3 days ago

10 ‘Real Madrid continues to win

The visiting team maintains the advantage, but Cadiz continues to try to trouble with great frequency.

1:38 PM3 days ago

5 ‘GOOOAAAL – Real Madrid

MARIANO DIAZ! The striker scores in front of goal after a great play by Rodrygo, who left several opponents in his path.

1:33 PM3 days ago

1 ‘Cádiz came closer

Akapo’s shot went near the angle of the right post.

1:31 PM3 days ago

Match starts

The game between Cádiz and Real Madrid is underway.

1:26 PM3 days ago

Teams on the field

The players of Cádiz and Real Madrid take the field at the Nuevo Mirandilla.

1:21 PM3 days ago

Match officials

To be confirmed.

1:16 PM3 days ago

Substitutes – Real Madrid

1:11 PM3 days ago

Starting XI – Real Madrid

1:06 PM3 days ago

Substitutes – Cádiz

1:01 PM3 days ago

Starting XI – Cádiz

12:56 PM3 days ago

This is how the teams arrived

12:51 PM3 days ago

Last five matches – Real Madrid

12:46 PM3 days ago

Last five matches – Cádiz

12:36 PM3 days ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the action from this match between Cádiz and Real Madrid in the 37th round of LaLiga.

12:31 PM3 days ago

Tune in here Cádiz vs Real Madrid Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Cádiz vs Real Madrid live match, as well as the latest information from the Nuevo Mirandilla Stadium. Do not miss a single detail of the live match updates and commentary from VAVEL’s coverage.

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How to watch Cadiz vs Real Madrid Live Stream on TV and Online?

12:21 PM3 days ago

What time is Cádiz vs Real Madrid match for LaLiga?

12:16 PM3 days ago

Key player – Real Madrid

In Real Madrid, the presence of Karim Benzema stands out. The 34-year-old French player is the most top scorer in the current edition of LaLiga with 27 goals. In addition, he has participated with 12 assists.

12:11 PM3 days ago

Key player – Cádiz

The presence of Varlvaro Negredo stands out in Cádiz. The 36-year-old Spanish player is the latest top scorer in the current edition of LaLiga with seven goals.

12:06 PM3 days ago

Cádiz vs Real Madrid history

11:51 AM3 days ago

The match will be played at the Nuevo Mirandilla Stadium

11:46 AM3 days ago

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