Goals and Highlights: Sevilla 4-2 Granada in LaLiga 2022 | 06/08/2022

6:29 PM 2 months ago

Goals and Highlights

5:03 PM 2 months ago

100 ‘

It’s over! Sevilla returns to victory and beats Granada in a categorical manner.

5:02 PM2 months ago

99 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Sevilla! Oliver Torres’ cross and Papu Gómez appear in the box to score the fourth goal for the home team.

5:01 PM2 months ago

97 ‘

Close! Lamela half-turns, shoots and ends up sending his shot into the goalkeeper’s hands.

5:00 PM 2 months ago

96 ‘

Navas’ rebound, preventing Granada from shooting at his goal.

4:55 PM 2 months ago

92 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Sevilla! A cross from Papu Gómez, Rafa Mir appears inside the box and gives the home side the lead.

4:51 PM 2 months ago

87 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Granada! Víctor Díaz’s header ends up in the back of the net with Bono at the back of the net.

4:48 PM 2 months ago

85 ‘

Close! Uzuni entered the area and sent a lethal shot that ended up grazing the post.

4:40 PM 2 months ago

77 ‘

It is cancelled! The referee signals a previous foul by Mir on Escudero and the goal is disallowed.

4:38 PM 2 months ago

75 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Sevilla! Powerful shot from Mir, Maximiano can not prevent the ball from going in.

4:32 PM 2 months ago

69 ‘

Sevilla changes. Martial and Ocampos come on for Papu Gómez and Rafa Mir.

4:29 PM 2 months ago

66 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Sevilla! After review the referee indicates that it is a goal.

4:28 PM 2 months ago

66 ‘

Offside! Ocampos put Sevilla ahead with a great pass from Corona, but the referee signals offside.

4:25 PM 2 months ago

62 ‘

Machís’s powerful left-footed shot, but Bono at the back ends up denying the ball in a great way.

4:23 PM 2 months ago

60 ‘

Corona’s cross is blocked by the defense.

4:15 PM 2 months ago

52 ‘

Great intervention by Milla, preventing the ball from being shot into the goalkeeper’s net.

4:09 PM 2 months ago

46 ‘

The ball is rolling for the second half at the Sanchez-Pizjuan

4:08 PM 2 months ago

45 ‘

Sevilla substitution. Erik Lamelas is replaced by En-Nesyri

3:52 PM2 months ago

45 + 4 ‘

At the end of the first half, the teams remain tied at one goal.

3:45 PM 2 months ago

42 ‘

Close! Augustinsson’s cross is met by Augustinsson, but he sends his shot wide.

3:43 PM 2 months ago

37 ‘

Sevilla tries, but does not manage to have good definition.

3:35 PM 2 months ago

31 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Sevilla! Diego Carlos appeared with a lethal header, after Navas’ cross to the far post, to tie the match.

3:32 PM2 months ago

29 ‘

Machís’ left-footed shot, but Diego Carlos makes a great save.

3:25 PM 2 months ago


22 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Granada! Machís’ shot to Bono’s goal and the ball ends up in the back of the net.

3:18 PM 2 months ago

15 ‘

Always no! Despite his best efforts, Torrente is unable to continue in the match and Germán Sánchez enters in his place.

3:17 PM 2 months ago

14 ‘

EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED! Despite leaving on a stretcher, central defender Torrente returns to the match.

3:15 PM 2 months ago

12 ‘

He’s leaving! Raúl Torrente leaves the match on a stretcher due to a serious knee injury.

3:11 PM 2 months ago

7 ‘

Both teams looked to generate danger, but the ball remained in midfield most of the time.

3:05 PM 2 months ago

0 ‘

Actions get underway in Seville.

2:57 PM 2 months ago

XI Granada

L. Maximiano; S. Escudero, R. Torrente, D. Duarte, V. Díaz; N. Petrovic, Y. Eteki, L. Milla; D. Machís, L. Suárez, M. Uzuni.

2:55 PM 2 months ago

Seville: LineUp

Bono; J. Navas, J. Koundé, D. Carlos, L. Augustinsson; J. Jordán, I. Rakitic, L. Ocampos, A. Martial, J. Corona; Y. En-Nesyri.

2:50 PM 2 months ago

To warm up

Both teams are already on the field, looking to tune up and get ready for the victory.

2:48 PM 2 months ago

At home

Corona and his teammates, with Lopetegui at the helm, are already at the Sánchez-Pizjuán, looking to return to winning ways and get back to winning ways.

2:46 PM 2 months ago

They are here!

Granada is already in Seville, the players will be looking for an important victory.

2:43 PM 2 months ago


The match between Sevilla and Granada can also be enjoyed on free TV in Mexico, the match will be on channel five.

2:33 PM 2 months ago

They need to win!

Sevilla have gone four games without a win in LaLiga and have failed to score in the last two. In this match they will be looking to avoid five matches without a win, a figure they have not reached.

2:28 PM2 months ago

Watch out here

Sevilla have only won five of the 21 matches played on Fridays, accumulating 11 wins and five defeats; two of those matches were against Granada.

2:23 PM 2 months ago

What a tip!

Granada have beaten Sevilla in the last two matches, before which the home team had won three games.

2:18 PM 2 months ago

It’s going to start!

Mexico’s Jesus Corona has done well in the Sevilla squad and Lopetegui decided to start the winger.

2:13 PM 2 months ago

We’re back!

We are back to bring you the minute by minute of the match between Sevilla and Granada. Shortly we will share with you the most relevant information about both teams as well as the confirmed line-ups.

2:08 PM 2 months ago

How to watch Sevilla vs Granada Live Stream on TV and Online?

2:03 PM 2 months ago

Statements Sevilla

1:58 PM 2 months ago

Latest Granada line-up

L. Maximiano; Quini, D. Duarte, G. Sanchez, S. Escudero; A. Puertas. Escudero; A. Puertas, N. Petrovic, L. Milla, A. Collado; L. Suárez, J. Molina.

1:53 PM 2 months ago

Last Sevilla lineup

Bono; K. Rekik, D. Carlos, J. Koundé, J. Navas; N. Gudelj, J. Jordán, L. Ocampos, I. Rakitic, E. Lamela; A. Martial.

1:48 PM 2 months ago

To continue the good pace

1:43 PM 2 months ago

To make up for the loss

1:38 PM 2 months ago

The match will be played at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium.

The Sevilla vs Granada match will be played at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium, located in Seville, Spain. The stadium has a capacity for 43,883 people.

1:33 PM 2 months ago

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