Goals and Highlights: Betis 2-1 Mallorca in LaLiga 2022 | 06/08/2022

7:28 PM 4 months ago

Goals and Highlights

3:30 PM4 months ago

96 ‘

It’s over! Betis beats Mallorca and adds up to three.

3:25 PM4 months ago

91 ‘

Fekir’s cross, but Costa ends up clearing the ball.

3:17 PM4 months ago

83 ‘

Change of Betis. Joaquín replaces Sergio Canales.

3:16 PM 4 months ago

82 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Betis! Willian José sends an accurate shot and beats the Mallorca goalkeeper.

3:15 PM4 months ago

81 ‘

Penalty for Betis! The referee indicates that there was a handball and the penalty kick is awarded.

3:15 PM4 months ago

80 ‘

VAR! A handball by Sevilla inside their area will be reviewed by the VAR.

3:13 PM4 months ago

79 ‘

Carvalho’s shot ends up hitting the defense.

3:09 PM4 months ago

70 ‘

Changes for both teams. Borja Iglesias comes off and Willian José comes on for Betis. For Mallorca, Fer Niño and Battaglia are substituted by Rodríguez and Sevilla.

2:56 PM4 months ago

62 ‘

Double change for Betis. Christian Tello and gardgar González are substituted by Juanmi and Víctor Ruíz.

2:51 PM4 months ago

56 ‘

Maffeo’s shot, but Moreno appears to deny the ball.

2:42 PM4 months ago

48 ‘

Fekir’s service, looking for Juanmi, but the pass is too long and he misses the chance.

2:39 PM 4 months ago

46 ‘

Betis and Mallorca kick off the second half of the game

2:39 PM 4 months ago

45 ‘

Mallorca changes. Kang-In Lee and Dniaye are replaced by Kubo and .ngel.

2:22 PM4 months ago

45 + 5 ‘

The first half is over, Betis wins by the minimum for the moment.

2:20 PM 4 months ago

45 + 2 ‘

He’s leaving! Ruíz de Galarreta leaves on a stretcher and Antonio Sánchez takes his place.

2:15 PM 4 months ago

43 ‘

Canales’ shot, but the defense gets in the way.

2:12 PM4 months ago

39 ‘

Great intervention by the Mallorca defense, avoiding the Betis counterattack.

2:02 PM4 months ago

30 ‘

Close! Muriqi’s shot, but the ball ends up hitting the post.

1:58 PM4 months ago

25 ‘

Goal, goal, goal for Betis! Great collective play, then Moreno appears inside the area to send a lethal header and open the scoring.

1:53 PM4 months ago


20 ‘

Bellerín’s delayed ball, but the visiting defense ends up preventing the play from growing.

1:48 PM 4 months ago

16 ‘

Bartra appeared to deflect Kubo’s cross, preventing a shot in the box.

1:46 PM 4 months ago

14 ‘

Canales’ shot, Juanmi does not reach the ball and misses a clear shot.

1:40 PM4 months ago

7 ‘

The game started off quite lively and back and forth for both teams.

1:32 PM4 months ago

0 ‘

The match kicks off at the Benito Villamarín

1:28 PM 4 months ago

Mallorca: LineUp

S. Rico; J. Costa, A. Raillo, M. Valjent, P. Maffeo; D. Rodríguez, I. Ruíz de Galarreta, S. Sevilla, T. Kubo; V. Muriqi, .ngel.

1:26 PM4 months ago

Betis: LineUp

R. Silva; H. Bellerín, B. Martra, V. Ruíz, A. Moreno; G. Rodríguez, W. Carvalho, S. Canales, N. Fekir, Juanmi; B. Iglesias.

1:20 PM 4 months ago

At home

Betis is also already in the building, in this match they will be looking to continue with their good numbers at home.

1:17 PM 4 months ago

They’re here!

Mallorca is already at the Benito Villamarín stadium, tonight they will try to beat Betis in a very complicated duel.

1:06 PM4 months ago

Urgent improvement

Mallorca has gone six games without a win in this tournament, with two draws, while the remaining four games have been defeats.

1:01 PM4 months ago

What numbers!

Betis has won thirteen of the 24 matches it has played in LaLiga this season, reaching its best figure, which it achieved in 1960 and 1997.

12:56 PM 4 months ago

Click here

Mallorca has not managed to beat Andalusian teams in LaLiga in five matches, with three defeats and two draws.

12:51 PM4 months ago

What a tip!

Betis have not lost in their last three games against Mallorca, accumulating two draws and one win.

12:46 PM 4 months ago

We’re back!

Good morning, we are back to bring you the minute by minute of the match between Betis and Mallorca. Shortly we will share with you the most relevant information about these teams as well as the confirmed lineups.

12:41 PM4 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Real Betis vs Mallorca live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the Real Betis vs Mallorca live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Benito Villamarin Estadio. Keep an eye on the match with VAVEL’s minute-by-minute live online coverage.

12:36 PM4 months ago

How to watch Betis vs Mallorca Live Stream on TV and Online?

12:26 PM4 months ago

Mallorca’s last line-up

S. Rico; P. Maffeo, M. Valjent, A. Raillo, B. Oliván; T. Kubo, I. Ruíz, S. Sevilla, D. Rodríguez, V. Muriqi, elngel.

12:21 PM4 months ago

Last Real Betis lineup

R. Silva; A. Moreno, M. Bartra, G. Pezzella, H. Bellerín, William, E. González, C. Tello, N. Fekir, Rodri and B. Iglesias.

12:16 PM4 months ago

Urgent to make it three out of three

12:11 PM4 months ago

To continue on the right track

12:06 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Benito Villamarín Stadium.

The Real Betis vs Mallorca match will be played at the Benito Villamarín Stadium, located in Seville, Spain. The stadium has a capacity of 60,720 people.

12:01 PM4 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2022 LaLiga match: Betis vs Mallorca Live Updates!

My name is Lore Solórzano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.



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