Every word David Moyes said following West Ham’s Europa League clash with Sevilla


A familiar story of missed chances?

We had opportunities tonight, we did a lot of good things but Sevilla are a tough team a very very good team. We did enough for a draw, we had chances but also Sevilla had some opportunities.

The Vlasic chance was huge and Lanzini’s too. It is a regular occurrence in the last few games, we should probably have got a point at Anfield and tonight we could have easily got a draw as well so we have to turn the good chances into goals, because at the moment we are not finishing off after good work and effort and we need to take those chances.

How disappointed are you by the defending for the goal?

We know what our organization was meant to be and it did not work out how it was meant to be, it was not exact. I am really disappointed as it was a lack of concentration. If you felt any time was going to score from a set-piece it would probably be us. That is disappointing, but on the other hand it was a wonderful finish, it was a wonderful finish technically. The boy connected brilliant well for the finish.

Are the players overthinking their finishing?

There were opportunities where we could have set other things up better, we could have made better chances so that is something I need to push again this week. But they know that, we had a period earlier in the season where we had a similar run of not scoring and that is when you have to keep clean sheets. For long period we defended well and it was just a lapse of concentration and the last two games we narrowly lost.

Rice played the whole game today after missing out with illness

He does a great job for us, everybody is aware of how big a player he is and we hope he can go again He was really unwell over the weekend so it says a lot about him as he was very good tonight.

Can you explain how you have gone from scoring freely to what has changed recently?


I think if you said we had not created chances I might have thought this was a problem but it is not. I am still trying to get other people more opportunities and my biggest concern tonight was are we going to give the West Ham supporters a really good night, are we going to give them a real chance to see their team in action in the last-16 of the Europa League against a good side next week at the London Stadium.

We are, we will give them a really good night next week. The players will be in good spirits and ready to go. Quite often in football, the goals come around so I am hoping I get them in the next three games before the international break. We need to be sharper, we need to be quicker to the ball in the box. We need to be more aggressive, all those things to get us over the line. We did a lot of good things tonight, we just did not take the opportunities we got.

Do you think you went toe to toe with them tonight?

Sevilla were without some players and we were too, for us to come here and be competitive and we have a good opportunity in the second leg and given ourselves a chance. I hope we have the noise like they did tonight, inside the London Stadium, it was a great atmosphere, they dragged their team through it in the second half. That is the way to support the side.

What are the chances of Jarrod Bowen being back for next week?

I have no idea at the moment. We are still trying to clear up exactly the injury, in all the scans and information we have it does not look too bad but his action coming off the pitch at Anfield made it look more serious than we thought. And that has not added up. Since then Jarrod is slightly improving but not as fast as we hoped, we did not think it was anything serious. So we are still trying to get to the bottom of it. Maybe tomorrow we get back and Jarrod is okay, it could just be one of those things.

What did you make of the atmosphere?

It was fantastic, England has a great tradition of supporters in the stadiums but the Sevilla supporters were terrific, really, really good. I think they drove their team on to the result tonight

What do you need from the West Ham support next week?

I am always looking for who does the best, we need to look at how well they did it here tonight. The crowd drove them on in the second half and got them over the line. We need our crowd to do the same and they will because we will give them something to shout about.



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