Everton 2021-22 Season Review: Looking back at our predictions


As part of our big season preview every year, the Royal Blue Mersey crew makes our predictions for the upcoming season, as trying to foretell where Everton will end up in the league and in the two cup competitions as well.

For the 2021/22 season, we all looked at –

Premier League Top 6, Everton position, Premier League Bottom 3, FA Cup Winner, Everton FA Cup, EFL Cup Winner, Everton EFL Cup, Premier League Golden Boot Winner, Everton Golden Boot Winner, Premier League Player of the Year, Everton Player of the Year.

With Rafa Benitez taking over in the summer and the minimal activity during the transfer window, optimism for Everton was at the lowest it had been for close to a decade, and the predictions reflected that too.

RBM 2021-22 Season Predictions

Category 2020-21 2021-22 Brian F Brian L Calvin Geno Ian stalemate noodles Tom Trent
Category 2020-21 2021-22 Brian F Brian L Calvin Geno Ian stalemate noodles Tom Trent
PL 1st MCI MCI Chelsea City City City City City City City Chelsea
PL 2nd moon LIV City Liverpool Chelsea Chelsea Liverpool Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea City
PL 3rd LIV CHE United Chelsea United Liverpool United Liverpool Liverpool United Liverpool
PL 4th CHE TOT Liverpool United Liverpool Leicester Chelsea United United Liverpool United
PL 5th LEI ARS Spurs Leicester Leicester United Spurs Spurs Spurs Leicester Leicester
PL 6th WHU moon Villa Spurs Spurs Spurs Leicester Villa Leicester Spurs Everton
Everton PL: 10th 16th 11th 8th 10th 10th 12th 9th 8th 10th 6th
PL 18th FUL BUR Brentford Brighton Newcastle Brighton Watford Burnley Palace Southampton Watford
PL 19th WBA WAT Norwich Norwich Brentford Watford Norwich Brighton Norwich Norwich Norwich
PL 20th scat NOR Watford Brentford Norwich Brentford Brentford Brentford Brentford Watford Brentford
FA Cup Winner: MCI LIV City United City City Arsenal Chelsea City City Everton
Everton FA Cup: QF QF QF Semifinals SF 4th Round 4th Round QF 5th Round 4th Round Winners
EFL Cup Winner: MCI LIV Chelsea Chelsea Leicester Leicester United Villa City City Arsenal
Everton EFL Cup: QF 3rd Rd SF Quarters 4th Round QF QF QF QF 3rd Round SF
PL Golden Boot: have Salah / Son Lukaku Salah Lukaku have have Lukaku have have Lukaku
Everton Golden Boot: Calvert-Lewin Richarlison Gray Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin
PL POTY: Dias of Bruyne Mount of Bruyne of Bruyne of Bruyne Laporte by Dijk of Bruyne have Lukaku
Everton POTY: Calvert-Lewin Pickford Godfrey Pickford Calvert-Lewin Calvert-Lewin Godfrey Gbamin Digna Godfrey Kean

As the table above shows, we did not do so well with our overall predictions, not just those related to Everton. Brian L led the way with Fives correct picks out of 18 total categories, with Calvin, Geno & stalemate all tied with just three right.

12th was the lowest anyone had expected the Toffees to finish, and certainly no one saw a relegation battle for the Blues. After his previous season as leading scorer for Everton, Dominic Calvert-Lewin was the popular pick for the Blues’ Golden Boot, but his injury-marred season meant Richarlison won the honor. DCL was also expected to be the club’s Player of the Year, but that was won by Jordan Pickford who almost single-handedly saved the Blues from relegation with a number of clutch saves in the last few games of the season.


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