Chelsea must stay away from Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar


While Neymar is a popular name in world football, Chelsea must avoid signing the Brazilian superstar after the rumors have started circulating once again. It goes without saying that the signing of Neymar would be a catastrophe for the Blues. As a supporter, it is easy to get trapped into the flashy and popular, and the epitome of those things is the Paris Saint-Germain star. The Brazilian international is a fantastic player with showboating skills that leaves hands on the head and jaws dropped. He is also capable of scoring fantastic goals that players cannot even begin to dream of scoring. However, Chelsea acquiring Neymar’s services would be a disaster.

f reports are to be believed, Thomas Tuchel will be afforded £ 200 million to rebuild his squad this summer. Unfortunately, this is not enough to turn the Blues into a superpower again under the current circumstances. Therefore, Chelsea is no position to splash money around for a single player. There are players set to leave and other looking for an exit, so the club finds itself in a difficult situation to find replacements as things stand. Given the current market, any decent player will be worth over million 50 million. The Blues already need to replace Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger. They could also possibly be having to scout substitutions for Marcos Alonso, Cesar Azpilicueta, Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech. Thus, Chelsea will have difficulties filling in the spots under new ownership, and Neymar would make matters worse.

Chelsea should steer clear of any rumors regarding PSG superstar Neymar

To that end, Neymar could be worth over £ 100 million — even today — which makes him a poor investment. The Blues need quality players to compete in all fronts. However, buying Neymar would only fill one position, as opposed to plugging multiple holes in the team. Chelsea already has enough attacking players to sustain good standing in the coming season. Moreover, Neymar is already 30 years old. This factor will make it more difficult for him to quickly adapt to Tuchel’s system, and it makes him prone to injuries. Chelsea does not have the patience for either quality.

Finances aside, Neymar is a player who likes to be the star of the show and this is not an option at Chelsea. Tuchel has created a united squad of young players; no player tries to take the glory, but rather the entire team works for the sake of success. If Neymar joins the Blues, this unity will dissipate. The current PSG attacker is known for taking matters into his own hands when necessary, but also when it is not required. More importantly, he does not always succeed at performing when it matters the most. Therefore, having Neymar in the team sheet will only result in an over-reliance on a player that is not likely to deliver in crucial moments.

It is also important to note that Chelsea already has leaders in the squad. Whether these are official, or unofficial, the Blues do not lack on leadership. A few examples are Thiago Silva, Jorginho and N’Golo Kante. These names are the ones to set an example as to how a team should behave both on and off the pitch. The dressing room will be difficult to control with Neymar in the squad, even with season players in it.


Lastly, Neymar is not built for the Premier League. The Brazilian international spent a good portion of his prime in Ligue 1. No disrespect to the league, but the comparison is non-existent when it comes to competition, intensity and demand. Factoring in Neymar’s age, it is safe to say that he would spend a significant amount of time adapting to the Premier League and the rest injured or underperforming. Therefore, as rumors swirl through social media, Chelsea must avoid signing Neymar. Despite its unique qualities and undeniable skills, the Blues cannot afford to throw all of their eggs in one basket. Furthermore, the club has no need to upset the dressing room. Instead, it should take this opportunity to rebuild it, just as long as Neymar is not a part of it.

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