Behind the scenes at Blackburn Rovers – Manager latest, Sporting Director and Ash Phillips links


What’s the probability of a new rovers manager being announced in the next two weeks? – Matthew Hindle

Things have definitely escalated this week, as Lancs Live has reported and so have other local media. Interviews have taken place and will be finalized before the weekend.

If we’re talking two weeks from today’s date, which takes us to July 9, I’d like to think there will be a new manager in place. You’d imagine the natural process will be identifying their top target and pursuing talks next week and hopefully, a deal can be agreed upon.

The sooner, the better. It’s still very early days but the club does not want to fall behind in the transfer market.

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Whoever the new manager / head coach is, what is the budget to spend on new players this summer and has the recruitment process already started? – Mark Whittle

Tony Mowbray insisted that the recruitment process was still ongoing whilst he was at the club despite it being apparent he was leaving. He always insisted he would manage the club as if he was there forever.

Mowbray hinted that they were looking at free agents and small wages. Now, that might change depending on who the club brings in as their new boss.

Like all clubs, there will be some contingency planning. They will have known for a while that Joe Rothwell, Bradley Johnson and Jacob Davenport were all likely to go so potential midfielder targets would be identified. I’d be surprised to see anyone come in without the green light of a manager first, though.

Please say there is no reality in the Boothroyd or Adkins rumors – David Cokell

They are not names I have heard mentioned and it would be hard to piece together a lot of logic around them. We saw Simon Grayson randomly cut down in the betting odds two weeks ago and there was nothing behind that. Likewise, Michael Carrick.

Aidy Boothroyd struggled with the England Under-21s for some time but does have experience working with young players. Whilst Adkins has impressed in some jobs, he ultimately failed last time out at Charlton Athletic so I’d be surprised to see him as a favorite for a Championship role right now.

Talk about selling Ash Phillips seems crazy to me. Is the Championship too physical for him? Surely another season of 23s with some senior squad appearance is the approach. I’d love to see him playing for Blackburn in two seasons – Marcus Pattie

There were some whispers in the national media about Ash Phillips and Tottenham Hotspur. Nothing has come of that since.

He’s incredibly highly rated at Ewood Park and seems to have all the raw attributes to become a top defender. If there is serious interest, a big bid could be hard to turn down and could help the club in the short-term to recruit some players.

For me, it would all depend on the type of club and the size of the offer on the table. I think with the right manager there is a clear pathway into the first-team which is encouraging.

We often hear about clubs having mid-long terms plans (let’s forget about Venky’s original 4-year plan to get us in the champs league) so I was wondering if there’s any information about our current plan? And the thoughts behind it? – Michael Maloney

The honest answer is no but that is something that will definitely be addressed when the new manager is unveiled. After five years of Tony Mowbray, fans want to know what the immediate plan is for the next man in the dugout.

We’re likely to get the new manager and perhaps Steve Waggott or another senior member at the club present for the next manager’s unveiling. That will be the time to get clarity on the project moving forward.

Who do you realistically think we will get as the new manager and director of football? – Martin Slater


It’s difficult to say without knowing exactly who has and hasn’t been spoken to. We know Carlos Carvalhal has been interviewed and my understanding is Gareth Ainsworth is on the list too but reports around him have been conflicting.

Carvalhal is a realistic option, he is available, wants to manage in England and has experience in the Championship. Whether a deal can or will be struck, we will wait and see.

On the Sporting Director, I am still trying to do some digging around that subject. It seems they have someone in mind but I’m still trying to bottom that out, in truth.

Which time do you expect to be filled first – Manager or Director of Football? – John Leigh

I think the manager position will be filled first but it depends on how quickly they can agree terms with their top target for both positions. If the manager search drags on, then it could be the other way around.

Any idea on whether Nyambe or Lenihan are signing? Or will they wait until they speak to the new manager? Do they actually WANT to sign? – Adam B

The wait continues. Both players have aspirations of competing in the Premier League and want to know the ambition of the club.

Part of the hold up will be financial whilst they assess the other options on the table. A large factor will also be the next manager through the door and what statement that sends out about the club’s aims.

My gut feeling, and this is only an opinion, is that one of them will re-sign.

Any idea who’ll be on the interview panel (s)? – John Leigh

Steve Waggott is involved in the interview process, as you might imagine. He’s been in attendance this week.

Any news on kits? We always seem to be quite late releasing them and we miss out on the revenue from people buying them for their summer holidays. – Robert Heyn

The season has only been finished for three weeks. As far as I’ve seen, Coventry City are the only side to have released their new strip so there is plenty of time yet.

Potential designs and discussions will be ongoing in the background. The club will want to market them at the right moment and without a new manager, now is not the ideal time.

The sooner they sort the off-field decisions, the more likely they are to begin a promotion for the new kit.

Obviously, pre-season fixtures have already been arranged, but will it be likely that the new manager / head coach is to add further fixtures to our pre-season schedule? Also, have our preparations also been planned? Are the players likely to go on a training camp abroad like usual, or is this all going to be decided by the new manager? – Vinnie McCarron

There isn’t lots of room left in the pre-season diary, based on what is already confirmed. Rovers have matches every weekend from July 9 to the start of the 2022/23 season (July 30).

There is potential to add some more mid-week matches in. Hartlepool United is the only one on the schedule so far.

As far as a training camp goes, that would be before the friendslies start so again it depends on how quickly they get their manager in. You’d say it could be feasible still if someone is installed over the next fortnight.



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