Arsenal fan Laura Woods responds to Jamie O’Hara’s Champions League banter with middle finger as ex-Tottenham midfielder blares out anthem


The last thing Arsenal fans would have wanted to hear at work on Monday morning was Tottenham fans bragging about their Champions League qualification.

Unfortunately for Gunners supporter Laura Woods, that’s exactly what she got.

Tottenham got the job done on the final day


Tottenham got the job done on the final day

Arsenal threw away a four-point lead with three games to go


Arsenal threw away a four-point lead with three games to go

The talkSPORT Breakfast show host has frequently bantered with ex-Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara about their north London rivalry.

Arsenal were unable to claim their top-four spot back from Spurs on the final day, with a 5-1 win over Everton not enough to surpass Antonio Conte’s side – who beat Norwich 5-0.

And O’Hara wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to laugh at his Gunners-supporting co-host.

Whipping out his phone as he walked into the studio the morning after his team sealed fourth place, O’Hara started recording an unaware Woods for his Instagram story.

“We’re here. There’s Woodsy in there, she’s going to get it, “O’Hara said as he pointed his camera into the studio.

“Let’s go and see if she’s alright. See if she’s surviving. ”

Woodsy had to deal with O'Hara on Monday morning

Not known, clear with picture desk

Woodsy had to deal with O’Hara on Monday morning

Walking in, O’Hara faced Woods and said: “Good morning, good morning, Champions League!”

Woodsy duly responded by giving O’Hara the middle finger, but once they were on air, she was humble in defeat.

“I have to say congratulations,” she began as she sat beside O’Hara in the studio later on.

“Really? You’re congratulating me? ” O’Hara smiled.

The Spurs super fan then turned to the producers to ask to play the Champions League anthem.

And as Woodsy tried to wrap up, O’Hara asked for it to come on again.

O'Hara was in a buoyant mood on Monday morning

The Sun.

O’Hara was in a buoyant mood on Monday morning

“Jamie O’Hara, making it really difficult to love him this morning!” Woods joked.

Following Arsenal’s loss against Newcastle last Monday, O’Hara even called up under a fake name to wind up his friend.

“Howay the lads! Howay the lads! ” Spurs fan ‘James’ said.

But Woods realized immediately and laughed: “Ah… you know what… that Jamie O’Hara isn’t it? What are you guys doing to me ?! ”

We do not think O’Hara is going to let Woodsy forget about this for a while!



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