3 best destinations for PSG star Angel Di Maria


One of the greatest and most underrated Argentinians who ever played in Europe, Angel Di Maria, is out of contract at Paris Saint-Germain. He will be leaving the French club this summer. After great spells at Benfica, Real Madrid, a poor one in Manchester United, and a generally good one in PSG, this could be the time for a new adventure for Di Maria. He might go to a variety of places, and here we will look at some of the best ones for the Argentinian wizard.

Here are the three best destinations for PSG star Angel Di Maria.

Best Angel Di Maria destinations this summer


This is a club that has been most linked to Di Maria and it really makes sense. They are set to lose Paulo Dybala on a free transfer this summer, so it is only logical to replace him with another Argentinian. His nationality likely does not have anything do to with the Old Lady’s interest in his services, but it would be a seamless fit for both sides regardless. Di Maria would play well in the Italian Serie A, which is not as physical as the EPL and features a style of play encouraging creative flair. Juventus would continue their transfer policy of looking for the best free transfers available and would bring in a great player in Di Maria.

Di Maria brings creativity, mostly, to the fray, and that is something that Juventus are sorely missing. With Dusan Vlahovic in the middle as the target man, all Juventus really needs to do is get creative midfielders to create chances for the Serbian striker. Di Maria is ideal for that because his passes sometimes look like they have minds of their own, finding their way to strikers in good opportunities. Also, he would not cost an arm and a leg, allowing Juventus the chance to get even better during the rest of the transfer window.

This is a no-brainer offer for Juventus and a thinker for Di Maria.

Real Madrid

No one is talking about this, mostly due to the Kylian Mbappe fiasco, but Real Madrid could benefit tons from this transfer. There is so much history between these two entities that it is tough to describe. Angel Di Maria played an integral role in Real Madrid’s success during the early 2010s, his contributions regularly overshadowed by superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. Di Maria was fantastic as a complimentary piece and it was clear he relished playing for the most iconic club in Spain.

Just because his potential return has not been talked about a lot hardly means it is impossible. Real Madrid are in need of an experienced right winger who can take the reins before Rodrygo is ready to be an every-match player.


However, the aspect of nostalgia cannot be discounted, either. Obviously, Di Maria had some huge moments playing outside of Madrid, especially for PSG. He was amazing in Benfica as well and played well for the Argentinian national team. Still, if you ask any Angel Di Maria fan, Real Madrid was his best experience and marked his most formidable playing days. Now that the club is in need of a mentor and a player who can play a complementary role to Karim Benzema and Vinicius, while also using his experience to mentor young talent at the club, Di Maria’s return would be a major boon for Real Madrid.

It would not be for long, but at 34, Di Maria is not in line for a long-term contract in Europe anyway.


One more option for Di Maria could be to betray his Madridistas and move to Barcelona. Again, similar to Real Madrid, Di Maria would have somewhat of a transitional role, playing mentor to Ansu Fati while he develops and taking over the right side of the attack, which will be left unattended if Ousmane Dembele and Adama Traore leave in the summer . Given the fact he has played a full club season with Lionel Messi now, a guy who he has been playing with nationally for years, there might be some conversations about Di Maria possibly considering Barcelona in the offseason.

It might be a long shot given his history with Real Madrid, but both Di Maria and Barcelona would benefit from their unlikely marriage.

Given Barcelona’s financial status, they really cannot afford huge transfer fees. Thus, bringing a great player like Di Maria on a free transfer would be optimal, as it would be a way for them to effectively cut costs. Barcelona are in dire need of a starting and reliable right wing, and Di Maria is generally a very dependable player. All signs, except the fact he played for Real Madrid for four years, point towards a possible transfer surprise.

If Di Maria is ready to betray hordes of Real Madrid fans that love him to this day, he could make a great move for his footballing resume.

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